Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fatbulously Frugal: Lord and Taylor - A Basement Affair

So, there’s this little store called Lord and Taylor...

Maybe you have heard of it? I used to shop there all the time. They had an awesome Plus Size department and some insane deals. Then I stopped. I am not really sure why, but I did. So, one day a friend of mine was looking for a cocktail dress and I remember getting some insane gowns and dresses there over the years for dirt cheap. In the dress/plus size department was something my eyes had never seen before. My heart skipped a beat and my friend and I launched into a full sprint. It was a huge clearance section. Everything in the store that was on last call was down there. I rummaged and grabbed. Each item has a colored dot on it and you check the dot for the coordinating discount. I got a Tadashi cocktail gown for $40. I kid you not. It fit like a glove. I had snagged some boot cut dark wash Calvin Klein jeans for $10. Calvin Klein also awarded me a sweater for the rummage for $4. Yes.. you are not reading it incorrectly. It was insane. The only stipulation, FINAL SALE. That was so not a problem when there were big inviting dressing rooms ready for me to pull on and off in. My advice, if you feel like rummaging, and bargain hunting.. go to your nearest Lord and Taylor and hit the basement. You may find your dream dress for pennies!

- Frugal Fanny!


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