Monday, February 22, 2010

Fatbulously Frugal - Torrid Coupons

I was trolling through the other day and realized that I had a great coupon!

$20 off of $100 with SPRING20, $40 off of $150 with SPRING40 and $60 off of $225 with SPRING60.

The reason why this is amazing is because I am going away at the end of March with my hubby and I need to get some sexy warm weather clothing. I have some cute stuff already packed (I know, I am insane) but I want to update with some cute new tops.

I am getting ready to snag up some of the Rosette Tops. I am a girl (through and through) and the more flowers, the better. If you pair the flowers with a tunic, I am sold. I will throw these tops on with leggings, jeggings, or skinny jeans, a blazer, lots of long necklaces and I am good to go!

Do you ladies love tunics? How do you rock them?

- Frugal Fanny!


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