Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fatbulously Frugal - Valentines Day Edition

Hello SKORCH readers,

I am so excited to be able to bring you some excellent sales each week. Ranging anywhere from web sales and secret coupons, to sample sale invites. I am a HUGE fan of sales. I will never buy anything full priced or without a coupon. With that being said...

Check out these following sites and don’t forget to pamper yourself for Valentine’s Day! Single or taken, you still deserve it!
Fatbulously Frugal Fanny

Valentine's day is coming and everyone wants some pretty undergarments. I
love being fancy every day, but certain days of the year, like Valentine's
day I will pull out the full arsenal. These three websites are having
beautiful valentine's day sales.

I am have been a big fan of for years. The two things that I
must note with them is the sizing guide and the price conversion. Please
check the size guide for your bras and panties as this company is housed in
the UK. I have a penchant for old school styles in bras and panties. Very
retro 1950's. has some naughties that are definitely worth taking a look at. I
love their website and it is easy to navigate and the sales are fantastic!
Check them out and let me know what you picked up!
**UPDATE 2/11/10: Get 10% Off Any Order at Torrid by using the code 10OFFTD21** was voted Instyle’s Best of the Web 2009 and for good reason. They are devoting an entire section to Valentine’s Day inspired underpinnings under $20! has some beautiful pajamas. Having one pair of the jammies
myself, I can attest to their quality. You can get a good deal if you sign up for their emails.


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