Sunday, June 13, 2010

OOTD: And I'm Feeling Good

So some of you may have seen my tweets last weekend about looking like either a hooker or like I was doing the walk of shame while wearing a certain dress at 7am. Well this happens to be that dress. Now I realize it really is a great dress and I love how these pics came out but you can see where those thoughts came from right? LOL

Photos By Candace Sweet <<<<<<< Follow Her On Facebook!

I picked up this dress which I am now referring to THE HOTTEST DRESS EVER! during the 50% Off Clearance Sale at Torrid last week and was so pleased when I got it and tried it on. It is a great bandage dress made from a great heavy material that keeps it structures in all the right places but is actually still really comfortable. It’s a bit more busty then my liking but is totally club appropriate which is probably where I would be most like to wear it. I am guessing I could probably layer it up a bit too with some sort of cami, and nice bomber jacket and some sexy booties and tights for cooler months too. Either way I know I will be looking good in this amazing dress!  For the shoot I paired it with my lace ankle black leggings from Torrid and my killer black heels that were a gift from my friend K. I wanted to keep it really simple since its such a BAM kind of dress and just wore my diamond stud earrings for accessories. I’m  sure I could definitely style this dress in a ton of different ways though and make it killer!



Anonymous said...

What a fantastically hot look for going out! I think you could use some accessories, but otherwise Lookin' Good!

Sarah said...

You look great in this ensemble and the color truly suits you... very sexy! I agree with the last commenter about the accessories, maybe some chunky black earrings would finish off the look. You got style girl!

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