Saturday, June 5, 2010

OOTD: Zebra Summers Eve. Taking On My Body Issues

Today I enjoyed a lovely walk home in the warm summer evening with my sweetheart.

I faced my insecurities about my body that always get to me this time of year
and went out to enjoy the summer in my latest project; a black and greyish blue zebra print dress that I have reworked completely.

I played up the dress with my new studded sandals, studded bag,
a fringed keychain used as a neckless, white ring and black glasses.

Here`s how the dress looked when I bought it at H&M.

With this dress it was all about the printed fabric of the dress for me,
because all though I would love to get away with the flowy maxidress-shape...

..I really can`t:

(Hello treetrunk!) This really doesn`t work on my hourglass shape,
my waist and legs disappear in dresses that are straight with high necklines and as wide as my hips. 

So, I got to work, chopping and tailoring the dress, and I quite like the result:

I created an asymmetrical hemline, tailored the dress to suit my curves by taking it in at the back
and changed the neckline completely to balance my proportions better.
It`s just one of those things, there are lots of shapes I can work, and there are some that I just can`t.

Also, I`m done hiding my body, getting out there in the summer heat is hard enough if I`m not also gonna feel like I`m not really embracing my curves. Mind you, I do struggle with this a great deal, but I just have to keep moving forward, overriding that voice in my head telling me negative things about my self, and focusing on the fun and peace that self acceptance brings.
Be great if this was as easily done as said, no?
 Another one of my body issues have always been my legs and feet. My tac now is simply wearing lovely shoes that I feel good in! :D

I toughened the dress up with my studded sandals from Økonomisko:

Sending you all good thoughts and wishing you lovely summer eves free of worries!

xoxo Anika


Moe said...

It was a nice dress and you definitely turned it into a better dress! I never would have been so brave to chop off the bottom. Looks like you might have enough fabric left over to add to something else!

Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

how creative!

Anika said...

@ Moe, honey I had enough material left over for a second dress ahhahahah. well, you know, sometimes I mess it up, but I don`t mind, comes with having fun with fashion. So go for it! And show me what you come up with :)

@ Jennifer, thanks. Just surfed your blog :) love it! hoppas du har en trâvlig vecka. ok, enough "sweedish" haha

xoxo Anika

Shayna said...

WOW - when I saw the first picture I couldn't imagine it looking like anything but the giant curtain I was looking at, but the dress you made it into is adorable, chic... I'm just sad that I lack the sewing skills/creativity to do something similar (Ok, blatantly copy you!)

Anika said...

@Shayna, thanks girl, you crack me up! curtain! you said it :)) hon, copy away, and show me!!

xoxo Anika

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