Monday, June 7, 2010


You may not believe this but, most of my weekends consist of vegging out in front of the TV and ordering in from from my favorite mexican spot. Not that I'm complaining because...well, I hate to admit it but...vegging out in front of the TV and mexican food are two of my favorite past times so I'm more than content with this routine. But every once in awhile a weekend comes along where I act like a normal 26 (er...two days shy of 27...eek!) year-old gal instead of an "old fart", and actually get off my duff, get dressed up and DO something! :)

So Saturday night, I decided to go and see my favorite singer (and friend :)), the grammy-noiminated, Ms. Emily King tear down the stage at the famed Rockwood Music Hall. Automatically, the next thought was, "WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO WEAR?" Ok, If you don't know about Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, it's located in the heart of the LES (Lower East Side) and let's just say it's where all of the cool kids go to play. The fashion inspiration in that section of town is BOUNDLESS and with each passerby, the statements made get bolder and bolder in clothing choices. From draped plunging backs to "how-high-can-you-go" hems, it seems as though everyone on that side of towns' main objective is... TO BE NOTICED.

As I scoured my closet searching for something that I could make my own "statement" in, a bright shot of color rang out from my closet and immediately caught my eye. I had completely forgotten about the fabulous Pure Energy A-line Tribal Print Skirt that I was sent, with its' vibrant colors and flirty exposed zipper! Against my newly bronzed skin (thanks to some much needed R&R on a friends' boat) and the citys' gorgeous night skies as a backdrop, How could I NOT wear it??? So, I decided to pair it with a simple black tank, a few cute accessories, sky high Alice + Olivia for Payless platform sandals....and WA-LAH a "statement" was born! :)

Geoffrey Beene Tank, courtesy of an Ex-Boyfriend

Pure Energy A-line tribal print skirt, $19.99 available at

Black Rose Two-Finger Ring, $12.00 available at

Gold Wire Hoop Earrings, Mary Wormworth for Mary's Hands Jewelry

Alice + Olivia "Paige" Platform sandals, Payless

Although simple, I thought it was quite chic. And the best part was that the skirt was SUPER comfortable, soft to the touch and completely forgiving! Not to mention the fact that I received quite a few compliments on it during the night and was even kissed on the hand by a random drunk guy who proclaimed me "GORGEOUS"...Ummm...yeah... :)

But anyway, if you haven't had the pleasure of hearing Emily King live, you are absolutely MISSING OUT! The girl is musically RIDICULOUS (in a good way)...and I'm not just saying that because I adore her. Not only does she play guitar, but she also writes and arranges all of her own lyrics/music. Her performances are truly an experience...a journey... and you will NOT be disappointed!

Until Next time F5's and Skorch dolls...

Stay D'lish


P.S. Get acquainted with Emily King below and be sure to cop her debut album East Side Story!!!!!



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