Thursday, June 10, 2010

OOTD: Working On My Fitness

I live a lifestyle under the principles of health at every size (HAES) it is part of my journey through fat and overall body acceptance. A big majority of it for me is the practice of intuitive eating which we will talk more about later but the other part of it is physical activity for enjoyment. Now I am certainly no slave to the gym, I don’t care how many calories I burn or how many hours a week I spend “working on my fitness” so to speak. I do however like to have physical activity as part of my life and I do that in ways that I enjoy. They have nothing to do with weight for me, but have more to do with endurance, health and overall they are about fun! Some of the activities I enjoy are swimming, yoga, dance, and for the most part just getting out and playing with my kids. Whether that be running around at the park, shooting hoops, going for walks or bike rides or even getting out and throwing a football.  These type of activities are fun for me, they are something I enjoy doing and never feel like a chore, if I am tired or sluggish I don’t force myself to do them and I never punish myself or feel guilt if this physical activity isn’t part of that day. This I believe is what keeps me doing it. No guilt, no commitment and the desire to get out and play!

Photos By Candace Sweet<<<<< Follow Her On Facebook!

A big part of enjoying physical activity for me is dressing the part. Workout gear is comfortable and if you do it right it can be functional, appropriate and a least a bit fashionable. Most important for physical activity is having a well-fitting, and supportive sports bra. I get mine at Shopko for super cheap and they always support the girls perfectly without creating the uniboob look which no one wants. Also important is a good tennis shoe. I picked up my Adidas tennies at Famous Footwear and they are worth every penny to give me good support and keeping my feet feeling good while running around.  Most importantly though I feel a need to feel like myself and to still feel cute while getting active and I do that through flattering and comfortable yoga pants, also picked up at Shopko and an always fun and bright comfy tee, this one from Old Navy.
What activity do you enjoy?



Irresistible♥Icing said...

I recently got into Belly Dancing! Such a great workout and a lot of fun!

PS - LOVE the last pic. Too cute!


xox Jess said...

I love, love, love getting dressed to go do my workouts too... walking, sometimes the gym etc :D Love that t0shirt!

MarcyG said...


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