Friday, June 18, 2010

Disco Divas on Their Way to Funky Town!

Happy Funkadelic Friday!!

Just wanted to share a photo I snapped tonight while grabbing some snacks with the hubby at Wal*Mart!! LOL! As we were getting to the checkout area, we noticed a bevy of beauties all decked out for the disco! Turns out they were stocking up as well, before heading out to a 70's themed party! I wasn't the only one who wanted to capture the moment, as many people were asking to take a group photos of the gals! What a colorful bunch they were! I hope your party was fabulous ladies!!

xoxoJessica O'Brien, Managing Editor

1 Comments: said...

thank you so much jessica for wishing us a funkadelic time..that we had and much more lol it was nice meeting you.

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