Thursday, June 3, 2010

Designer Spotlight: NaKIMuli

We here at Skorch set our standards to those of Elle, Vogue and other high fashion magazines. With that said, our Fashion Editor, Bella Styles, who is a fashion stylist/plus-size model (, is always on the look-out for new designers and unique fashions. This month Bella Styles has discovered the design house of NaKIMuli by Tennille McMillan. NaKIMuli is an exclusively limited quantity-produced ready-to-wear clothing line for young women in both regular and plus-sizes. Bella recently did a photoshoot with Maz Imageworks featuring the designs of NaKIMuli. "The material of the dress felt like second skin and accented my curves in all the right places", says Bella. What makes this line stand out is when you look at the front of the two-tone dresses you're already in awe at the beauty, but then you turn around and there's another design, ahh, pure genious. The leggings are also two-tone and you're sure to be the center of attention when you walk into the room. But not only does NaKIMuli do apparel, there are also cute dookie bracelets and exotic earrings. You are sure to become a fan after only 5 minutes on her site. Please check out her designs. CLICK HERE!


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