Monday, June 7, 2010

Jessica in the City

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First, to my girl Sakina from Saks in the City, I promise imitation is a form of flattery! :) If you haven't visited Sakina's fashion blog, you must give her a visit - she's divine! And, since this was a Sex and the City post, I just had to copy the name. Like ALL ladies I know, we had to get together for dinner and SEX, and I was definitely excited to get dressed up and watch a fabulous movie.

A quick review: the movie ROCKS! So funny, so true, so for mommies, so for women...just perfection. I related to so many things, and honestly - as always - Samantha was my favorite. She made the movie for me.

Here are some fun pictures of my friends Melissa (far right), Mandy and myself from last night's girly night at Cinetopia in Vancouver, WA - not your regular movie theatre...they are fancy! I was def bummed my other gals weren't there, but it's Memorial Weekend and everyone had plans. :( But, I am SOOO putting together an "Eclipse" night, oh - that will be fun.

I made a special video JUST for YOU! Had me laughing - hope it does you too!

Outfit deets:
Blazer and pink top - Torrid - just bought this weekend. See my facebook fan page for links to items at Torrid.
Shoes - Torrid - purchased a while ago.
Flower clip - Claudia's Clips
Handbag - Liz C from Ross

Hope you enjoy! Would love to hear your comments.


Irresistible♥Icing said...

You look fab! What a fun night!
I wish we had a theatre like that here!

I love the video! LOL


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