Sunday, July 25, 2010

Secrets Behind a Fashionistas Pantry Closet: Never Kiss & Tell

For curvy fashionistas we have two very important closets.  One holds our designer digs and the other holds our gourmet goods.  Behind each door you find our inner most secrets.  Clothing that doesn’t fit, jeans we thought were in style, shoes that are worth the $300.  Behind the other door you find chocolate we should have stayed away from, spices we thought we knew how to use, and then you find delectable gourmet foods that were worth the $6.99 a pound.

Food for a curvy fashionista is as much of a statement as her Mela Purdie dress.  The appreciation for the fine lines and silky materials that frame our curves are followed by our respect for the finer things in life.  These finer things do not produce gluttony desires for our food.  They initiate a greater appreciation of how we can fuel our bodies.  We end up with the energy to wear these garments that drape over our statuesque bodices. 

In the spirit of coming out of the closet and sharing the secrets behind a fashionistas pantry closet there are several things one should not live without.  Just like we can’t live without our heels, or designer handbags we can’t and should not live without certain foods that are good for us.  These foods are secrets to our virtues and ultimately define our greater appreciation for food as a nutritional need and not as an excessive quencher that provides comfort.

The first is exotic or sexy fruit.  With the same old banana’s and oranges every fashionista should step out of the box and indulge in having kiwi’s, star fruit, cherries or strawberries.  In extreme moderation half a glass of organic red wine is good for you because of its antioxidants.  Olive oil spray is like the newest trend but one that is worth keeping around.  Instead of over pouring olive oil, this new bottle allows you to sprits exactly what you need and lowers the calories.

The fact is that every fashionista can give you glimpses into her closet.  Share the must haves.   But you ultimately will never fully experience the invigorating moment when the door is fully opened and we are left fully exposed.  Because no matter what a girl never kisses and tells.

Bonnielee Cuevas is a renowned Author, Business & Lifestyle Expert and motivational speaker.  She is the owner of Fitness Fashionistas a company revitalizing women’s lives through fitness, wellness and style.  She is also the owner of Success in Heels a media boutique igniting women’s passion for entrepreneurship.  She is also very proud of being Skorch Magazine’s Beauty Editor and Fitness Contributor.  She says “Style is not a trend it is everlasting.”

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