Thursday, July 15, 2010

Behind the store: NOSKINNY | Portland OR

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As a publisher of a digital plus size magazine, I'm stuck in a virtual world of shopping malls that are located at www avenue. Honestly, I love to touch and feel the fashion and try it on! I don't know how many times I've walked into a dressing room with a handful of items to not only walk out with 1 item that fits right. Honestly, it amazes me that online shopping is so popular for the plus apparel community. I do have my few stores I shop online at because I've ordered and know the cuts and love the return policy if I don't luck out with the right fit.

But, this day, I wanted to go check out a local plus fashion store NOSKINNY. They say they are "bringing the fun back into shopping for big girls." When I first walked in, I was definitely skeptical that anything would fit AND look good, but my stylist (and assistant manager) Myndee made a believer out of me in no time. I had so much fun and as a BIG GIRL, I would totally recommend this store to anyone. They do offer some basic staples online at, but if you can come in the store - you MUST make it a stop! Hope you enjoy the video of my time at NOSKINNY touring the store and trying on Myndee's picks!

Did you see the dressing room??!! TO DIE!! I love how they have a HUGE area for a true shopping/styling experience. It's too easy to dismiss something while in your little dressing room and not give it a could just have it on wrong! :) So NOSKINNY provides a lush fabulous area for you to really see if it works.

This was my favorite outfit! I know I know ....basics in color, but the bright red belt is something I never do. I loved these leggings, they are a one size fits all (which I could NOT believe actually fit and were comfy!) as was the white tube top.

Then I asked Myndee to make me try this floral print on since I seem to always put it on my FUG list. I was thinking if I tried it on, I would have a change of heart...and honestly, it wasn't that bad!

This top was definitely fun and I LOVE the back detailing! I felt so Miley or someone fabulous! :)

And finally I tried on my first pair of stretch skinny jeans. Again, was in disbelief that they actually fit! These were a size 5x (26/28) and they were PERFFECTTTTTT. AHH my new favorites for SURE! And this top WAS totally fun...Myndee was so right :).

Thank you to the folks at NOSKINNY for letting me be VIP for the day with a one-on-one tour and shopping experience. And every girl needs a dressing room like the one at the Lloyd Center NOSKINNY store!


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Courtney said...

Wow, this store looks awesome! I wish we had something like that around here. It looks like you had a blast, and everything you tried on was so cute!

Loving The Reflection

thatonethickchick said...

Agree with Courtney. I really need one of these in the Bay Area....Most of the stores in my area that cater to plus size chicas just plop the clothes on hangers with no real marketing or aesthetic strategy, as if big girls will buy anything that comes in their size :( It makes me want to open up my own day one day.

Mayra said...

omg this is awesome!! too bad we dont have anything close to this here. Torrid has a decent size of a dresssing room but nothing compared to this! i looooved ur first outfit! I'm defintely putting something like this together soon! xoxo

Len said...

AAAAAHHHH!!! i'm cringing in jealousy b/c we don't have anything like that in the bay area... thatonethickchick, if you know of anything, please pass it on to me. i mean, we have our few selections here, but nothing cool like that... *Sigh!*... i so need to get to Oregon! Plus, you guys have no sales taxes, right?!

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