Sunday, November 15, 2009


SKORCH NETWORK Members are individually reviewed and approved by the SKORCH Magazine Blog Director. Anyone in the SKORCH NETWORK is SKORCH approved to have a fun, fashionable, insightful and must-read or must-view content on their site.

If you have a plus size blog/youtube/myspace/page and need traffic and want to be linked with a credible plus size fashion resource - join the blog network! It's FREE!

The trick to traffic is linking - who's linking into you and who are you linking to? Joining the SKORCH Network gives you a solid link partner to help drive traffic to your blog AND help your blog in the search engine results!


Only content driven sites will be approved. If you are a business site looking to drive traffic to advertise your site/services, you will not be approved and will be referred to our cost-effective advertising options.

Email info[at] with your information
or contact the Blog Director directly at:

As a member of the SKORCH NETWORK, you receive a 'badge' for your site (see below), and you give SKORCH Editors permission to re-blog content we love from your site, with track back link and credit.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED - PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING CODE TO ADD YOUR BADGE TO YOUR SITE. Sites who use this badge without authorization will be subject to a cease & desist order, and we really don't want to do send the email and get approved first!

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