Monday, November 16, 2009

Style Icon: Peggy Bundy

By Z. Kay Walker of

We eighties babies basically cut our teeth on the most irreverent and rebellious sitcom of our generation: Married With Children. We recognize the show for its crass humor and raw sexuality. We even remember when we used to subdue our laughter when our parent were around. (We didn't have any business knowing what some of those jokes meant. Fresh selves). What most people sleep on is the fashion? YUP! I said fashion. Don't believe me? Look around at all these women running around with leggings and Santa belts tucked all under their boobs. Who did that first? Think about it. I'll wait... That's right. Peggy Bundy.

The staple of any Peggy Bundy look is a good legging: Hers we usually cropped though. {SS} is not a fan of any cropped legging unless it's at the gym. To modernize the look go for a print legging or one in and metallic finish.

1. Black Sheer Lace Ruched Leggings
2. Black Glitter Lame Leggings
3. Gold Animal Foil Legging
4. Mesh Insert Leggings

Add a sexy shirt that calls attention to your...ummm you. The more gaudy - the better!!! DO NOT tuck it into your leggings. It is NEVER a good look, particularly if you are thick.
1. Uno Shirt
2 Anessa Top.
3. Michael Kors Sequin Tunic

Belt that sucka to within an inch of it's life. Your waist should be cinched like there's no tomorrow. We are going for that hourglass shape. Even if you are a straight rectangle it will give the illusion of the desired shape.

1. Black Heart Stretch Belt
2. Black Studded Waist Belt
3. Chunky Vintage Belt
4. Cutwork Waist Belt

You will also need an obnoxiously sexy pump.

1. Carsen
2. Callie Pump
3. Stacey Bootie
Add ridiculously big hair and gaudy jewelry at your own risk. For a more wearable alternative, I chose to omit them. If you are feeling extra Peggy, though, go for it.


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