Sunday, November 15, 2009

NEW SKORCH DOLL: Kimberly M. “Phillii”

by Cali Lee Editor-In-Chief

1st SKORCH DOLL Winner – Kimberly M.You go girl! Totally SKORCHn!

Hello ladies! We are excited to start announcing SKORCH DOLL winners! SKORCH DOLLS are readers who love SKORCH and ARE SKORCH.

We wanted to open up a way for our fabulous readers to interact with us and show the rest of the world that curvy girls can have style and confidence. We are going to announce a SKORCH DOLL every day this month! Every SKORCH DOLL will receive recognition in our blog and a special gift package from SKORCH Magazine!! So keep entering girls, we are just getting started!

Now – we introduce you to our very first SKORCH DOLL Kimberly M. “Phillii”

Q. Tell our SKORCH readers your name, where your from & what you do, School/Major or Career/Field?

A. Hello dolls and gents… I’m Kimberly M. and my nickname is “Phillii” and I’m from Philadelphia, PA. I am currently working full-time as a litigation support associate and studying for my Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration. I was recently accepted into Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society. After graduation, I plan to start an event planning and brand development company that focuses on the plus size community. I am also a host blogger for The Curvy Spot and a founder of Thyck Life Entertainment.

Q. Won’t be caught dead without your ____________?

A. OhEmGee… anyone that knows me knows I will NOT be caught dead without my Blackberry! LOL

Q. Who are a few of your favorite + designers?

A. I’m really into the UK & Australian plus size designers right now. My fave pieces for fall are on Carmakoma… I tend to “not” follow the norm when it comes to fashion because I adore to stand out and be different so while everyone else is focusing on putting plus size women in color, I want to be fabulous in black with color splashes. I also adore Evans UK. And of course, I live for a great sale at Torrid, lol.

Q. In your photo(s) who are wearing & where did you purchase?

A. The photo was at an all white party hosted by BBT, as well. I was really trying to keep with the theme, I swear I was, lol but I found the sheer sequin top at a boutique in a local mall and thought it would look perfect with the white and silver wedges (from Bakers). The white skinny’s are made by Tripp. My reptile print clutch is from Torrid.

Q. What does a SKORCH Doll do for fun?

A. A SKORCH Doll loves to have a great time! Whether I’m having a family night with my best friend and nieces or partying with girls/guys — I’m doing it big. I love to travel. I adore sappy love stories and I scream at horror films. I’m an avid learner so you can also catch me with my nose in a book or magazine or researching some off the wall topic online.

Q. What does SKORCH mean to you & why did you want to be a SKORCH Doll?

A. For me, SKORCH represents whats hot, whats right, whats in and whats happening. Being a SKORCH Doll represents these qualities in me. It shows that contrary to popular belief we are the majority, we aren’t going anywhere, we carry ourselves with pride & dignity – without throwing our noses in the air and we are taking a stand for what we believe in. I’m hoping that my acceptance with this opportunity will encourage others to stand-up and be noticed as well because believe me being cute on the wall can be fun… but being SKORCHing in the middle of the dance floor is soooooo much better!


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