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Skorch Readers, we want to take the time to thank you for being loyal reader's of the magazine. We, Ardyss Lifestyle, began mutually supporting Skorch Magazine through advertisements, a couple of month's ago. It has been a wonderful experience to be apart of a passionate avenue that provides trendy and fashionable women sizes 12+ who crave a magazine that looks and feels like every other fashion magazine, but also offers fashion commentary and advice for a plus-size woman. Well, I am a plus-size woman myself, while growing up there were no avenue's to my knowledge that displayed plus-size women in the spotlight confidently. Therefore, I am very grateful to be apart of such a great cause, where I can draw support and fashionable advice from one magazine that will assist me through my journey as a plus women.

As many know, support is essential in ones lifestyle that will ultimately aide you throughout the curves life demonstrates. That is why I joined Ardyss International, a reputable company that has been in business for over 18 years, two of those years in the USA. While the company does business in South America, Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Africa, Asia, Caribbean Islands and Europe.

I can remember growing up as a young child and my grandmother always talked about health and wearing a garment to give you a foundation of support. Tuck it in, she would say, that is what they did while I was growing up; every sized woman wore a garment. I never really understood why, until a couple of month's ago when I signed up to become a distributor and received my first Body Magic Garment. Wow, it was almost like a burst of renewed energy, a sign of hope with this back pain and a confirmation of understanding. My body felt great and my clothes looked great over this garment; what a difference it has made in my life. I love my plus frame, it is who I am as I travel throughout my day; confidently and supported. As people compliment me on the change that they cant put their finger on, for the women I share, it is The Body Magic and for men I keep them guessing. Hey, a lady is looking for a husband, OK!

Well, enough about me, allow me to tell you more about Ardyss products. The products that many enjoy are the Body Magic Garment, the Angel Bra, the Panty Reshaper, the Ultrabody Cleanser, the LeVive Juice with five power fruit's, the Stretch Mark Cream and the Triple Derma Management System. Hey, there is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to look and feel her best for herself! You can order online at

Those who may be interested in the business, now that the Health and Wellness Industry is projected at 1 Trillion Dollar leading into 2010. With products for both men and women, this makes for a diverse opportunity to earn additional income "7 ways" and time flexibility to enjoy life’s memorable moments even more.

Those that are interested in the Business will need to purchase a Power Pack Starter Kit, which will include brochures, the products that you customized for your kit, a training CD, DVD and materials. Every distributor will receive their own personal website that will feature the user-name of their choice, which will allow you to sell products to consumers when are away. The website will look like this: One of the 7 ways to get paid is through the matching bonus check. Therefore, the motivation is there to help promote and encourage each other, so that everyone is successful in the business.

As many people are attempting to recover from the recession, people are looking for methods of better overall health and jobs. Many Baby Boomer Era individuals are retiring, looking for better health and a supplemental income. Do you know of anyone that maybe fit this catergory? So, do them a favor and share this with them, as we are seeking inspired people Internationally? Join at or by contacting us at 313-739-7492; for more information about conference calls, e-mail us at:

News Cast: Ardyss will be giving away Mercedes-Benzes at the Extravaganza 2010 which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, February 14th thru Tuesday, February 16th at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. SPECIAL: Enroll 20 Power Pack Distributors between Now and December 31, 2009 and Ardyss International will pay for TWO NIGHTS of your stay at the host hotel (MGM)! Forgot to mention, they offer car vouchers to their distributors while they advance in this business. Paycheck's are mailed between the 10th through the 15th of every month and we are in the developmental stage of all fund's being optionally stored on a VISA card for convenience.

Please, take a look at the products, opportunity, testimonies and the change this moment can make for you and a friend by viewing the video below, the magic starts here:
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