Friday, January 29, 2010

Gabourey Sidibe Hearts SWAK

Gabourey Sidibe Hearts SWAK
Re-blogged from Brickhouse of Style

This could be just the break the folks at Sealed with a Kiss Designs, also known as SWAK, had been looking for. It appears actress Gabourey Sidibe is a fan of their's and has been seen out-and-about in their clothing more than once. The LA Times reports the star of "Precious" wore SWAK's "Giselle" dress to an industry function last week. SWAK's owner says Sidibe’s stylist also dropped in this week t see more of the trendy styles.

Of course we had to pop over to SWAK to check out the latest dress designs and quite a few popped out at us.

You can see more of SWAK's styles here.


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