Saturday, January 30, 2010

Asian Inspired Brocade on Some Kick Ass Boots

When I think of Asian inspired footwear, I think of the little Mary Jane slippers that all of the girls in my class bought from street vendors while on a seventh grade trip to NYC. I remember one of my friend's who had a pair fall apart in a matter of days! Looks like the options to get that brocade fabric look just grew up!

I wanted to share these fab boots that were spotted at a little bar in Charleston, SC last weekend. While I was out celebrating a successful photo shoot for an upcoming interview, my friend Arlene (the subject of said shoot/interview) spotted a gal in these funky boots while waiting in line for the ladies room! LOL Arlene told her she loved her shoes, and she then pulled up her pant leg to show us the full extent of their awesomeness. The faux-furry accents just added to the luxe look. She was a cute gal, but, nonetheless, the boots were cuter! 

Jessica O'Brien
Beauty Editor

The 'look' I remember:

New ways to rock the brocade: (The blog that includes this pair of boots) (The blog that includes this pair of boots)


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