Saturday, December 5, 2009

Me today. (A look at what is *my life* as the year comes to an end.)

My brain is trying to fully digest all of the frakking cool things that are happening in my life right now. I am so thankful for SKORCH, the new comedy wedding dinner theatre that is starting soon, and all of the great opportunities I have had to stretch my creative muscle via working on photo shoots lately. Being successful doesn't have to mean that I am on a Broadway marquee. That is all I thought when I was younger, hell it was my final quote in our senior yearbook - something about 'look out, someday you'll see my name in lights!'

Being successful today means:
*having children and parents in your class who love and appreciate what you do for them.

*having a healthy, loving husband.

*having opportunities to do what you love, even if it takes you over ten years to finally have the courage to believe in your talent to pursue them again!

I wrote a few months ago that I was having trouble defining myself. So, here's "me today".

I am Jessica.

I am:
*A kick ass special needs preschool guru.

*A freelance hair and make-up artist in the Charleston/Myrtle Beach area.

*The singing Italian bridesmaid in the (soon-to-be hotter than August in Myrtle Beach) new comedy wedding dinner theatre "The Godfather's Meshugunner Wedding".

*The newest Beauty Editor for SKORCH Magazine, the #1 plus sized fashion magazine!

(Truly, the only thing that will top any of these amazing job descriptions will be "Jessica, The Mom". Check back with me in a couple years on that one!)

Most people spend so much time dwelling on past failures, or especially at this time of year, worry about what resolutions they will set for the new year. I am not doing either. I am happy with me today. I am even happier about what is in store for me tomorrow. I love my body. I love my husband, family and friends, and I love all the world has in store for Martin and I.

January 1, 2010 is just the day after December 31, 2009. Don't think that you have to completely redefine your life to make up for what did not go right 'this year'. I may not be done with my weight loss journey, but knowing that my goal of being a healthy weight is for the possible future pregnancy we hope for vs. 'just being thinner' helps me get up every morning.

Celebrate yesterday, celebrate today, celebrate tomorrow.


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