Thursday, October 1, 2009

lovenati representin' Skorch @Torrid VIP-style!

Transcript of the vLog...

I was the Skorch Magazine correspondent at the Torrid House Of Dreams fashion show last night! Let me say right off the bat...if you want lovenati to love YOU give her free Valet Parking! Classy move, Chris Daniels.

FIDM is a beautiful school, I met Jen Wilder, an alum who offered to make me clothes. This is another way you can get lovenati to love YOU.

I wanted to sit in the front row, so I got there unfashionably early (yet not as anxiously early as Nikki McKibbin). To my delight the show was standing room only set outside under the stars in the FIDM courtyard with free booze and ample chow spreads that nobody chowed. I'm fat, you're not going to get me on camera scarfing down a pizza I don't care HOW gourmet it looks. Although, Carnie Wilson had no such boundaries, I saw her with a camera crew hovering over a plate of something probably saying how real women eat...bla bla bla. Well, my vintage polyester get up from Re-Dress was so tight that I felt the champagne bubbles in my belly. No room for hor d'oeuvres.

Anyway, the highlight of my night was telling the Dance Your Ass off girls that I was an event Dancer for their show at the Gay Pride Parade! Take a note, write it down. yes. that's lovenati with an L...thank you.

Other highlights were the lush ramblings of the HOFF praising and at the same time shaming his little girl Hayley. I'm sorry, but if my dad ever called me "stalky" in public I'd have him eaten...I'm sure Carnie Wilson would be to the challenge.

Oh! and I had no idea we were being treated to a Brooke Hogan Concert! It was amazing, she lip synced which would have been fine if I wasn't standing 2 feet away from her. Is it SO hard to find a fat girl to sing at these things? I'm just sayin...they could have called me or the Glamazons, or Frenchie, or Persia. I guess Brooke's size 12 feet were plus enough.

I met the really tall cool chick from More To Love. Anna K-K-K....Kleinsorge! We're bff's. really, she gave me her number. I'm going to see her do improv tomorrow night with Maggie Brown.

My posse - Maggie Brown, Anna Kleinsorge, Michelle Rene, Tiffany Blake, Laura Nelson Poorman, and Chenese Lewis.

hope you like my $3 torrid top I got in Chinatown at midnight from a sketchy place called the Garage. Used to be a Slaughter house.

Check out all the photos!!!



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