Thursday, January 1, 2009

About SKORCH Magazine

"We just want to be represented - afterall,
we are the majority!"
- Reader Nicole from GEORGIA

SKORCH MAGAZINE is the #1 fashion magazine for sizes 12-28, also known as plus size fashion. We actually hate that term, however for women to find us - we have to say plus size.

SKORCH was co-founded by Jessica Kane and Carrie Woomer in October 2006 under the company SKORCH INC. as a free digital publication with the intent to go to print. In 2009, ownership of the magazine changed when Jessica Kane became the owner & publisher of SKORCH Magazine under her company KANE KREATIVE. Carrie Woomer became owner/producer of SKORCH TV.

In 2009, SKORCH Magazine had announced plans to go to print in December 2009, however due to limited capital and an unstable market, Jessica Kane (owner/publisher) decided to postpone a print edition until 2011.

SKORCH MAGAZINE is for trendy and fashionable women sizes 12-28 who crave a magazine that looks and feels like every other fashion magazine, but also offers fashion commentary and advice for a plus-size woman. We are the translators of “skinny” fashion to plus size. Think of us as a pinch of ELLE, a dash of VOGUE and a dab of InStyle.

SKORCH MAGAZINE is not about glamorizing being overweight or obese, but celebrating our individuality as women and our unique beauty. We absolutely feel every woman should strive to be the best version of herself, not the best version of someone else (no matter what size). Instead of waiting till you get the weight off to live your life and wear cute clothes, SKORCH Magazine believes you should be living NOW and we are here to help you figure out how to do it fashionably.

SKORCH Magazine Mission Statement: Written by SKORCH Editor Lourdes Gutierrez

SKORCH Magazine is a comprehensive digital magazine targeting women over the standard 0-10 clothing size range. Within our issues we cover a number of topics including beauty, fashion, health, sex, finances, and lifestyle. Our pages not only feature plus size models, but plus size women out in the real world working hard, forming businesses, and living their dreams regardless of their size. It is SKORCH's mission, and the mission of founder Jessica Kane and the magazine's team, to encourage women of larger sizes to pursue their goals without embarrassment or shame simply because they do not fit a model considered acceptable in modern societal standards of beauty. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the latest issues of SKORCH, but within those great comments there were a few negative ones based on confusing our mission. Yes, we are part of the size-acceptance movement, but the term "size acceptance" needs some clarification.

Size acceptance is not size ignorance. SKORCH Magazine and others involved in the size acceptance movement strive to be the best we can be given our current situations. This means that while we may not be within an acceptable weight range, we are not going to lock ourselves away. We are not going to stop ourselves from going out in the world and leading a fruitful, normal life simply because, at the moment, we are plus size. However, we will not be size ignorant by ignoring the health risks associated with being overweight. This is why there are advertisements for exercise and fitness programs in SKORCH Magazine. It’s not because we secretly want everyone to be a size zero, but because we want our readers to be healthy.

Everyone involved in the SKORCH team struggles with self-image and weight issues. We have our good days and bad days. We start diets, fall off the bandwagon and keep going. We even try to find exercise routines we love so that we can stick to them. Would some of us like to be skinny? Maybe--but all of us certainly want to be healthy, active, and happy.

To further simplify our goals, how about a little experiment? Let's eliminate the words "fat" and "skinny" for a moment and only use the words "healthy" and "beautiful," because honestly? Being healthy is beautiful, and healthy is a status that can be achieved by women of many sizes. The number on the ticket of your clothes does not determine the status of your health. The only numbers that should really matter are those related to health: cholesterol levels, blood counts, heart rate, and so on. Basically, only a doctor can tell you whether or not you are healthy—not clothes, television, or a magazine. To go back to our eliminated words, a "skinny" girl could suffer from high cholesterol (it is possible) and a "fat" girl could suffer from high blood pressure. Neither of those conditions are healthy, and SKORCH would strive to encourage both girls to seek medical attention.

We encourage beauty, self-love, and health-- not achieving a certain clothing size; especially since a size 12 on one woman’s frame could be healthy on one and unhealthy on another. What we will not encourage is size ignorance. If you are a plus size woman striving to be the most beautiful, healthy, and successful version of yourself, then SKORCH Magazine is for you and if not, perhaps another publication would better suit your needs. We welcome plus size readers of all races, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and walks of life. If you want to be healthy, happy, and live your life to the fullest then SKORCH Magazine is here to help you do it—fashionably, of course.

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