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hi SKORCH Miena Fiagome

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New!! SKORCH Doll Mari!!



Mari Venegas


 skorch: Tell our SKORCH readers your name, where you're from & what you do (School/Major or Career/Field)?

doll: My name is Maria-Esther Alejandra America Loretto Carmen…yea I know! Everyone just calls me Mari…my parents couldn't decide on one name so they gave me all of them =) I'm from San Jose, CA and work for a cable company full time and model for ;)

skorch: Tell us your favorite (makeup line, perfume, shoe designer, other)?

doll: MAC is one of my favorites but I do use the cheaper ones like the Coastal scents makeup palettes…they get the job done without breaking pockets. Pleasures by Estee Lauder is my FAVORITE! I love the clean refreshing scent. I really don't have a favorite show designer, I love them all! I'm a shoe should see my closet! lol.

skorch: What designer would you like to see develop a TRUE + apparel line?

doll: I would love to see a couple actually…Diesel, Guess, BCBG and Chanel. They need to realize they would make more money if they cater to real women sizes.

skorch: In your photo where did you purchase your outfit/who is it by?

doll: The black leggings and black tops are from Faith21…I'm so glad that Forever21 finally came out with their plus size line. My motorcycle navy jacket is from and my jeans are from Torrid. =)

skorch: What does an SKORK Doll do for fun?

doll: This doll loves to ride her Yamaha R1 motorcycle fast! And I mean FAST! Going over 200mpr is so refreshing…lol…I love just hanging out with my family and friends barbecuing up some carne asada and some oysters. MMM yum!

skorch: What does SKORCH mean to you & why did you want to be an SKORK Doll?

doll: I've always been thick,, even when I was a little girl and was very insecure about my body. Always trying to hide it with baggy clothes that were not flattering. I've learned to embrace my sexy curves and want to show young girls that are going thru the same insecurities I did. I want to show girls that no matter what size you are, you can be a true fashionista.



Sunday, October 3, 2010

OOTD: Autumnal Rust

Hi sweethearts!

Today I decided to take inspiration from the falling leaves and go autumnal in rust.

The dress is a size 44, which is one to little for me, it was tiiiight! LOL
so I undid the seams in the front and the back, and let the hem down, and now it fits. ;D

It is quite a difficult colour to wear, but I love it, and used black and white to balance it off.
You like?

The outfit:

Dress, H&M (reworked)
Scarf, Zara
Neckless, key chain, Lindex
Gloves and bangle, H&M
Earrings, Accessorize
Booties, Skopunkten

I would like to give a big thanks to the beautiful Eleise of One Artsy Mama for featuring me!

Also, I would love for you to read and comment on my previous post about my feature-series.
Tell me, am I wrong to feature bloggeristas of all sizes?

xxx Anika

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

no airbrushing required

by jessica kane of

No airbrushing required.
Because I love my body. 100% natural. No fillers, slimmers, shapers or spanx -ers. :)

"Oh no she didn't! Did she just say she loves her over 300lb, size 26/28 body?!" Yes, I did. And I am on a mission to inspire every woman reading this to embrace their bodies too!

Maybe it was turning 30. Maybe it was giving birth to a child. Maybe it was starting SKORCH Magazine and joining the body loving movement, but whatever it was, I can honestly say I love every inch. My husband thinks I'm perfect. My son thinks I'm perfect, and those are the only opinions I care about.

The decision to post pictures of myself in a bathing suit WITHOUT airbrushing was a very easy one. In fact, even as a magazine publisher and photographer, I NEVER allow body airbrushing because I feel it's important to show a real person. Part of the reason women are so hard on themselves is because every image we see in media is perfect, 100%. You need to know these images are not real, they are art.  While I love and appreciate art, I am not a statue or painting, I am of flesh and blood.

I want you to be empowered by your REAL body and be the best version of YOU! I know I'm not fit, and yes I need to get more healthy, but I will NOT spend my life hating my body and punishing myself for not looking like a magazine cover!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) wfew. That felt good.

So embrace it, love it, you only have one. Your body is perfect.

jessica kane

Outfit Deets: Both suits gifted by! Here's my NON-compensated real review: I have to say that both of these suits were well built and comfortable. I always have trouble with the leg holes since I have large thighs, but these suits were cut beautifully for me. I love both and I NEVER would have gone for the skirt suit before, but I have to admit, it was so comfortable I wanted to wear it around the house all day long!! LOL

Longitude Bella Plus Size Empire Plunge One Piece SwimsuitBeach Belle Domino Plus Size Empire Swimdress Swimsuit

Our Price: $68.00

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